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SEO is the abbreviation for a commonly offered website development service, Search Engine Optimization. While Search Engine Optimization sounds like a daunting process, it means, in it's simplest definition, to make your website's content digestible to search engine spiders or robots.

Before we get into the details of SEO, here are some important things to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a firm to perform SEO on your website:

  • 47% of shoppers use search engines to find products on-line. Media Metrix (Sep. 2001)
  • 78% of browsers find pages through Search Engines eMarketer (Nov. 1998)
  • Browsers give up after 12 minutes of fruitless searching WebTop (April 2001)
  • 33% of all search engine users believe that the top positioned website is the number one brand in that industry (
  • Compared to direct mail, acquiring a customer through search engine marketing is 35 times less expensive.
  • Google, the world's most popular search engine, is queried 200 million times a day. Nielsen//NetRatings (2003)

The result of the above statistics is obvious, if you are not ranked by search engines and indices, you will not be found by the 100's of millions of potential customers that do business on the web. No matter how aesthetic your website is, if it is not developed with an eye toward search engines, your website will not succeed.

Search Engine Optimization has been diverging, recently, into two ends of a common spectrum; the "Dark Arts" and "Organic".  Shelly Webber Consulting will only engage in organic search engine optimization and marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Services offered by Shelly Webber Consulting

  • Site Audit
  • Website Re-design for Search Engine Optimization
  • Backlink Campaign Management
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management
  • Pay-Per-Inclusion Campaign Management
  • Website Update Deployment and Management
  • Keyword Rich Content Copywriting
  • By-Hand Submission to Major Search Engines
  • Reputation Management

Site Audit

A site audit is an in-depth ten page report on your web site, showing how your site ranks on the major search engines. Results are examined for several keyphrases, showing how your site ranks against your competitors. This is the first step in the optimization process, and provides the information needed to create a search engine placement strategy.

Website Re-design for Search Engine Optimization

Depending on the current state of your web presence, Shelly Webber Consulting will redesign your website so that it is search engine inclusion worthy/  This may entail a complete redesign, including the layout or you may keep the current look and feel of your website, with only the underlying code being changed.  Any additions to the code, like meta data, will be made to your website, as well.

Backlink Campaign Management

Potential quality link partners are identified based on your websites focus, your businesses location, your perceived and real competition for market segments and the market segment to which you are trying to appeal.  Link partners are then contacted on your behalf via email or phone with a link request.  Backlinks are monitored and reported throughout the duration of the campaign.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

Pay-Per-Click engines and monthly budget is set by client after bid research is completed by Shelly Webber Consulting.  Budget is maintained by Shelly Webber Consulting to ensure quality if the per-click expense.  Results tracking provided jointly from Shelly Webber Consulting and Pay-Per-Click engine.

Pay-Per-Click Inclusion Management

Recommendation of which PPI directory is necessary for client by Shelly Webber Consulting. Fees for inclusion will be included in the fees charged by Shelly Webber Consulting.

Website Update Deployment and Management

Shelly Webber Consulting creates a maintenance schedule for your website (weekly, monthly or quarterly), then notifies the client with a request for update content. Upon receipt of content, one of our developers makes the changes or additions to your website.

Keyword Rich Content Copywriting

Shelly Webber Consulting creates content for your website based on your market and the market segment to which your website is appealing. 

By-Hand Submission to Major Search Engines

Your website is submitted for inclusion or scheduled to be crawled by a search engine robot by Shelly Webber Consulting.  Server statistics are monitored to ensure that search engine robots have visited your website.  Creation of a robots.txt file for your server is included in this service.  Monitoring of server statistics is based on access granted by client to Shelly Webber Consulting.

Reputation Management

A new service from Shelly Webber Consulting, reputation management allows you to manage search engine results for a given keyword. This will require a contract of six months to a year.

Search Engine Optimization Fees

Fees for search engine optimization vary based on the services the client requires, the clients budget and the hours needed to complete the necessary work for search engine optimization.  Please contact Shelly Webber Consulting for a consultation and to receive a fixed bid for search engine services.

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