An eBrochure is nearly exactly what it sounds like-a brochure that can be sent over the internet or be seen on your computer. 

When thinking of an eBrochure, first imagine a typical brochure that one can hold in ones hand.  If your business has already had a professional brochure produced on your behalf, take the time to look at it now.  If you don't currently have a print brochure available, take a look at this print brochure provided compliments of on of Shelly Webber Consulting's first clients, the Holiday Inn Downtown Washington D.C.

Insert Brochure Here!!!

Generally a "regular" print brochure has a few key characteristics that make the brochure unlike other marketing materials, like a flyer for example.  The key characteristics of the brochure are: high quality images of your business or product, sucinct information about your business or product, contact information and a call to action.

Now that we're all familiar with what a "regular" brochure is and have seen an example, let's discuss what the benefits and drawbacks are of of the "regular" print brochure.

Benefits of a Print Brochures:

  • High Impact for your Marketing Message
  • Use of Images and Logo to convey your message, reassert your brand
  • Easy to Distribute to Potential Clients-just hand it to the potential client or place the brochures in high traffic areas of your business
  • The Print Brochure is the industry standard, everyone expects to see one jsut like htey expect to see you business card

Drawbacks of Print Brochures:

  • Expensive to Edit-Once your print brochure has been printed to make changes to the brochure you must re-print the brochure.
  • Can not Track the Results-Did the person who picked up the brochure book a room, buy a product, contact you?
  • Cost-Brochure's cost from $.50 to $.75 per brochure
  • Perishability-Once the brochure has been distributed, it's unlikely that it will be redisributed
  • Geography-You have to be in the same place at the same time as a potential client in order to distribute you brochure to them or they have to happen upon the high traffic area where you've placed your brochure

eBrochures: An Example

eBrochures are share similarities to print brochures in that eBrochures are high imact, image rich publications that focuses your marketing message and can be distributed to anyone.  The main difference between eBrochures and print brochures is that eBrochures are distributed and delivered electronically.  eBrochures can be sent as email attachements or be placed on your website.  eBrochures can also be burned to a self playing CD for distribution.  

eBrochures, however, offer several features and consequently benefits that print brochures can not.  One key feature that seperates an eBrochure from a print brochure is that you can play video in an eBrochure. Here is an example of an eBrochure that includes video.

To view this eBrochure please install Free DNL Reader .  Click on the icon to the right. Macromedia Flash Enabled

Click here to view the eBrochure

Benefits of eBrochures:

  • Ability to Use Video or Images and Logos for your High Impact Marketing Message
  • Interactivity-People who are looking at your eBrochure can turn pages, view video or audio, click on links to your website or other peoples websites, email the eBrochure to a friend, pop-up thumbnail images to large detailed images or print your eBrochure with a mouse-click
  • Viral Distribution-Anyone in the world at anytime of day can get your eBrochure and pass it along to a friend easily.  Your eBrochure will have legs of it's own.
  • Cost-The cost for your eBrochure is fixed no matter how many copies you distribute.  Our fees for creating an eBrochure are based on the number of pages in your eBrochure.  Once you have paid for production of your eBrochure you can distribute it to 1 or 1,000,000 people without incurring any additional fess.
  • Size-All print brochures are limited by the size of the page it is printed on.  eBrochures are nearly limitless.  Your eBrochure can have upto 10 pages.  See the example above for a demonstration.  While the example has over 70 pages we do not recommend that an eBrochre be that vast. 
  • Editability-After we've designed your eBrochure, the images, video, text and links in your eBrochure can be easily edited.  The fees we charge for editing your eBrochure is our usual hourly fee of $75 per hour.  Generally, we've found that we can swap all the images and video in a 10 page eBrochure in less than 2 hours, which is much less than you would pay for a re-print of a standard print brochure.
  • Redundancy-Most of our clients have annual brochure budgets.  Each year they pay increasing rates to redo their same brochure with the current years rates, new services offered and the like.  With eBrochures, our clients are able to minimize their expenses if they are using the same eBrochure "template" as they did the previous year.  In this case, changing your rates or adding a feature would be a simple editing job and is consequently much more affordable.
  • Tracking-When you distribute your eBrochure you can track several valuable statistics about your eBrochure campaign.  You can track how many people downloaded your eBrochure (remeber it's digital, so it live on your website's server) and you can also track how many people acted on your call to action.

Drawbacks of eBrochures

  • New Technology-People don't expect to see your brochure on their computer and further like having a tangible brochure "in their hands."
  • Works Best with DNL Reader-Remember when PDF's came out several years ago?  I do.  Everytime I sent a PDF to someone, they would send me an email back saying they couldn't open it.  I would respond by telling them to download Acrobat Reader, then try to open it.  Eventually the computer manufacturers caught up with the software producers and now everybody gets Acrobat Reader with their new computer, whether they want it or not.  eBrochures work best when opened by DNL Reader, which is a free software (like Acrobat Reader).  The first time someone tries to open your eBrochure, they are prompted to "Go Get DNL Reader."  If they do, they will see your eBrochure.  If they don't, you will have to send them your eBrochure as an executable file-a file that runs on it's own.
  • Mac Users Left Out in the Cold, Again!  eBrochures can not be viewed by anyone using a Mac operating system.  

Fee Estimates for eBrochure Production

All of the fees listed below are estimates based on our past experience.  If you are interested in having Shelly Webber Consulting produce an eBrochure for your company, product or organization please contact us so that we may prepare a fixed bid for you based on your needs and wishes and the time it will take us to fulfill them.

Number of eBrochure Pages
Fee Range
2 page Ebrochure no video/audio $500-$600 USD
2 page Ebrochure with video/audio $600-$800 USD
4 page Ebrochure no video/audio $700-$900 USD
4 page Ebrochure with video/audio $800-$1000 USD
6 page Ebrochure no video/audio $900-$1100 USD
6 page Ebrochure with video/audio $1000-$1200 USD
8 page Ebrochure no video/audio $1100-$1300 USD
8 page Ebrochure with video/audio $1200-$1400 USD
10 page Ebrochure no video/audio $1300-$1500 USD
10 page Ebrochure with video/audio $1400-$1600 USD


For more than 10 pages, please contact us.

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