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"In 2004 16% of all revenues in hospitality will be generated from the Internet (14% in 2003). By 2006, the Internet will contribute over 24% of all hotel bookings (CSFB). This year 54% of all Internet bookings in hospitality will be direct-to-consumer (i.e. via hotel-owned websites)."

This quote comes from "Hospitality Trends" by Max Starkov and Jason Price. You may read the rest of this article by clicking here.

Hoteliers must devote renewed attention to long-term Internet business strategies and online technology applications to have staying power and compete successfully in this Internet-focused new world.

Hotel website design best practices

  • Hotel description on your homepage
  • Room descriptions for each type of rooms or suites offered
  • Images of hotel, rooms, suites, amenites
  • List of amenities
  • Map and directions to hotel
  • Map of surrounding location with pionts of interest
  • Description of entertainment and restaurants in vicinity

Hotel website promotions best practices

  • Hotel's Website is submitted to and found on all major search engines
  • Hotel's Website featured at local portals and in directories
  • Hotel's website address is featured on fliers, rack card, leaflets, and brochures
  • Hotel's website address is featured on the hotel's automated phone system

Online Bookings

  • Hotel's website offer email reservations (response within 24-48 hours)
  • Hotel's website offer a 24/7 real-time booking engine on your website
  • Hotel's webiste has a 24/7 booking engine, does it offer bookings for:
    Rack rates
    Special packages
    Promotional rates
    Corporate rates
    Special Accounts


  • Hotel is in regular contact with guests by email and/or newsletter
  • Hotel website has Automated Opt-in/Opt-out forms
  • Hotel can send message/newsletter to list with one click

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