Ezines and Digital Newsletters

What is an Ezine or is it a digital newsletter?

By now you've probably received and E-Newsletter or Ezine in your e-mail inbox. Technically speaking, E-Newsletters are rich format e-mail. Rich format e-mails contain graphics, hyperlinks and increasingly, Flash animations. E-newsletters are the digital form of print and television advertisement. Whatever marketing you do for your organization, from simple flyers to a television commercial, can be reproduced as rich format e-mail and sent directly to you clients. As to the question of whether it's called an Ezine or an E-Newsletter: E-Publishing mirrors traditional publishing. If your E-Publication looks more like a newsletter, then it is an E-Newsletter. If it looks like a high gloss magazine, then it is an Ezine.

What are the benefits of E-Newsletters?

Low cost marketing

Your organization is probably already doing some type of print, audio or visual marketing. You can use the marketing materials you've already paid for in your e-mail marketing campaign.

E-mail costs less to send then regular mail. Depending on the size of your client list, e-mail can cost as little as .003 per piece. (It's also environmentally friendly.) See our price list for more information.

Tracking and Targeting: Getting to know your clients

When you use e-mail marketing, you can track how many people saw your Ezine and how many people responded to it.

As your sign-up form is custom tailored for your business, you can collect any demographic information from your subscribers they care to provide. This is helpful in determining how to spend your marketing budget.

Building your Client base

Using e-mail to market your product or services allows you to consider the world your marketplace. Anyone at anytime can become your client.

Content for your Website

Another benefit of having an Ezine or E-newsletter is that you can archive it to your website, drawing new subscribers and increasing it's search engine rank.

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