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Shelly Webber Consulting is a website design and Internet development company that was formed in 2000 in Lansing, MI. Over the last six years we have grown into a full service, multi-media internet company while maintaining our emphasis on providing quality results and personal service.

Website Design and Internet Development Services

Shelly Webber Consulting offers a full compliment of website design, search engine optimization and Internet Marketing services designed to help your business thrive on the Internet.  We expanded our services in 2005 to include programming, E-Brochures and Digital Newsletters.  In 2006 we;ve added digital photography, digital video production and E-commerce website design and deployment to compliment our already broad range of Internet servies.  All of our services are delivered in quality you've come to expect from Shelly Webber Consulting.

Catering to Business

If you are like most small to intermediate business professionals, the last sentence probably made little sense to you.  Afterall, if you are the GM of a hotel or the head of a spa or a physician (like our current client base) you have enough on your plate with out having to understand what a rich text email campaing is or how to run one for that matter.  To an extent, we at Shelly Webber Consulting agree.  What most of our clients want to know about or services are "What it Does" and "How it Helps Me."  To that end we have created examples of what our services do and how they can help you.  Please follow any link below to find the answers.

  • eBrochure -Multi-media digital brochure for you product, service, business or special offers.
  • Powerpoint to flash conversion - Converts Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations into smaller email or website ready Flash SWF files .

Our Mission: An Emphasis on Learning and Teaching

Throughout the life of our company, Shelly Webber Consulting has been committed to the idea of building partnerships in success with our clients. We understand that in order for our company to be successful our clients must be successful first.

As with any solid relationship, our relationships with our clients are built through quality communication, which we call "A Culture Learning and Teaching." While this sounds like a lofty goal for a company that began as a small website design firm, it is the principle that has allowed us to grow. Our reasoning is that before we can create an internet prescence for a client, we first must learn the needs and goals of that client. Moreover, after the design and development process has been completed, our clients must know how and what to do to achieve their goals on the Internet.

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